About This Blog

I was a knitter.  I was a dedicated knitter.  Then one day I developed Trigger finger in my left hand and had to have surgery to correct it.  I couldn’t knit.  I was bored.  I read an ebook about writing ebooks and decided that I too could write an ebook, but what about??

Duh!  My travels!  I decided to write short, practical, entertaining(I was a teacher-learned the hard way how to keep the attention of an audience-tell stories…)guides so people could do what I’ve done-travel off the beaten path.  So I wrote a few books, learned to format them for Kindle, how to upload, how to do hyperlinks and a clickable table of contents…how to make a cover…and…it was fun!

I don’t spend a lot of money when I travel, so that’s how I tell my readers to travel.  This blog will tell my readers about my books, but will also give me the chance to describe where I’ve been and what I’ve done…and to tell you that on the free golf course on Iona, if you land in sheep poo…it’s a free lift…


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