Shuffle Off to Buffalo

This weekend I was n Buffalo, NY for a young cousin’s Family Weekend at his University and since  I didn’t see much of Buffalo I decided to do some research. First off, most people bypass Buffalo to go up to Niagara Falls.  This is one thing you cannot miss if you’re headed north.  There are casinos, hiking, all sorts of activities and of course, the Falls.  You must take the Maid of the Mist boat tour

If you go to the Falls without getting soaking wet then you really haven’t seen the Falls.  I suggest spending at least two days there but three days would be better.  Cross over into Canada but make sure you have your passport!

There are loads of hotels right at at Falls but if you want to camp, Here are some great places  I’ve camped at Four Mile State Park and it’s right on the Lake.

Then spend a day at Old Fort Niagara.  The give a demonstration on Bayonets that is not to be missed!

There are wineries all around the area….oh…Buffalo…almost forgot.

Buffalo’s history is tied with the history of the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes .

Grain and ore from the Midwest was carried by boats to Buffalo and then to New York City either by canal or rail.

So it isn’t just about Niagara Falls, its about building a nation.

The Orkneys and St. KIlda

I’ll be taking two trips next July, ofirst to St. KIlda and the Orkneys.  I’ll discuss the other trip next week.  I have nine days between the two so I’ll have a chance to visit friends in England then.

Wilderness Scotland is arranging the first trip.  Go to their website.

I do know I’ll be flying out of Pittsburgh on WOW Air. 

There are other airlines I like but I’m so tired of changing planes in New York that I’ll be flying with WOW from now on.  I’ll fly into Gatwick and then fly to Inverness.

The reason I’m taking this trip is to visit St. Kilda so if the weather is bad I’ll try to arrange to stay a day or two longer to make sure I get there.  Anyway, short blog today because I’m off to kayak on the Shenango River in Western Pennsylvania!