Spend the Festive Holidays in Vienna

Yes, I have written another guide, this time to Vienna.  I think Vienna is a fascinating city, straddling the West and East in many ways.  It’s history is intriguing, it’s coffee is delicious and it’s pastry is to die for.  When I was there I drank coffee and ate pastries.  It’s an easy city to get to, and to get around in.  The public transportation is very good, and there is a dedicated bus from the airport to the train station, then it’s an easy walk to the tram.  The city is cosmopolitan, and the music is divine.  The opera house is a work of art in itself, but there are always art galleries and museums to see.  There are the horses of course and waltzes.  If you just wish to go to Vienna, it is wonderful in any season, but more so during the festive holidays.  Here is my guide to Vienna.

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