New Year’s in Paris

I am writing a series of guides to spending holidays in the cosmopolitan cities of Europe.  This guide is one on how to spend New Year’s in Paris.  Wouldn’t that be romantic?  And such fun!

I give you suggestions on how to get to Paris from both the US and from the United Kingdom, then go into great detail about getting from the airport to the city.  Of course, if you go by rail you’ll be in the city.

I found a lovely site about which words and phrases in French will be useful, then I found a map of the public toilets of Paris.  I always have a problem, so I thought this would be helpful.

There is an extensive list of types of accommodation in Paris, but then I go into the restaurants.  The food!  I list sites that will guide you to not only the fanciest and most well regarded restaurants in the city, but also the neighborhood bistros and historic places to eat.  You might want to have a French 75 at the bar where Hemingway spent his afternoons.

There are sites that will help you get reservations for both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and I also give some information on French customs at this time of year.

There are guides to the important landmarks, and to clubs and places for dinner and dancing.

I list ways that you can travel to other parts of Europe.


Christmas in London

I enjoy London.  It’s easy to get around by either bus or Tube, there are plenty of options for accommodation, the people are polite, the food is great and the cultural side is magnificent.  The British Museum, the British Library, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, theater, opera, ballet…and on and on…all in one of the most civilized cities in the world.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to write a guide to spending Christmas there.  And I did. Christmas in London

I started with how to get to London from the US and I included information on taking an ocean liner there.  That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time, so researching a trip on Cunard was great fun.  One day…

I take you from Southampton, Heathrow or Gatwick into London then have a set of sites for accommodation.  These range from youth hostels to luxury hotels.  I also include apartments.

Because it will be Christmas, I not only have a list of restaurants, but a way to get a reservation for Christmas Eve.  I think that is highly important.  I list pubs that will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and go into a shirt explanation of the English tradition of Boxing Day-the day after Christmas.

Of course I list and describe the museums, theater venues, sightseeing tours, etc.  I list sites that will help you buy tickets, but the museums are free.

At the end I discuss getting around England is you choose to wander about the countryside, and give you ideas for traveling to Europe…which is my next book.